Mudd Crete Design

More Than an overlay - it's art!



About us.......

I started this business I exclusively used polymers for 
thin-stamping (like the pic on below) and splatter texture overlay. (stucco-type look) It didn’t take me long to expand to epoxy applications because epoxy is so versatile. You can use epoxy for a wide range of residential and industrial applications including garages, basement floors, industrial/commercial flooring, sidewalks and driveways. For a more artistic or decorative look, a colored metallic powder can be mixed into epoxy to create the look of a marble, appropriately named Marble Mirror Finish. I’m always on the cutting edge of my trade!
Full Broadcast epoxy flake floor with Alumi. oxide for tracktion. (water just beads up on the floor like a freshly waxed car)

We specialize in the restoration and beautification of existing concrete.  Mudd Crete Design uses epoxy or polymer base overlays. The coatings are engineered for performance for commercial flooring as well as creating a elegant interior floor that will last for years.

With over 15 years of experience working with epoxy and polymer, why would you go with anyone else?


Thin Stamped Overlay up to 3/4" polymer overlay

running brick pattern.

What makes me different from others?  I consider myself a craftsmen and artisan. Craftsmanship is the attention to the detail of work. The old saying “ the devil is in the detail”  is just as significant in this trade then any  another.  The artisan is the expression of the idea, design, pattern and or color of the job at hand.


The nicest compliment you can give me is to refer me to your family and friends.

Thank you!

One  year later

Jeff (from Lindenhurst Il.) ...  "it's a miracle!  It's like a brand new garage floor!


Charles (Kenosha WI.) ....."What a transformation!  Moisture problem solved, thank you.


Regina (Barrington Il.)..... "You really took my painted pealing floor and made it beautiful!"


Mary (Grayslake Il.).....  "Finaly I don't have to worry about that concrete dust coming into the house!"


Pete (Antioch Il.).....  "Your really a true craftsman!  Not many left anymore."


Marty (realtor agent)  "After calling John, he came out to my clients home that afternoon.  Two days later worked on problematic porch and was finished within a few days.  House was on the market next week and was under contract within 20 days. "