We specialize in the restoration and beautification of existing concrete.

Mudd Crete Design uses epoxy, polyaspartic, or polymer base overlays.

The coatings are engineered for performance for commercial flooring as well as creating a elegant interior floor that will last for years.

The durability of  Mazak’s Showroom floor was very important.

It had to withstand 2 ton CNC machines being moved twice a year to showcase newer machines.  The solution was an epoxy double broadcast quartz finish.

Other factory and warehouses flooring included  EMCO a leading supplier of raw chemicals.  This epoxy, polyaspartic application needed

to withstand and hold up to harsh chemicals.   Gallary

Epoxy, Polyaspartic Flooring Solutions:

•Showrooms  •Factories  •Warehouses


Its important that you are OSHA compliant and making sure you have enough coefficient of drag on the floor to minimize risk.

It’s a balance between too much and not enough it's where our
 experience and expertise come in.

Epoxy, Polyaspartic Flooring Solutions:

•Garages  •Sidewalks  •Driveways

Calcium Chloride is commonly used and very effective for melting snow and ice.

It’s also very detrimental to your concrete garage floor by causing pitting and popping.

Concrete is very porous, much like that of a sponge.

The advantage of epoxy, polyaspartic is that you no longer have to worry about all that

concrete dust and dirt dragging into the house!

Keeping your new garage floor fresh looking, a dedicated mop for the garage along side a “V” shape squeegee will do the trick.  Truly amazing how easy it is to clean!

Epoxy, Polyaspartic Flooring Solutions:

•Basements •Restaurants •Offices •Retail

 Epoxy resilient flooring with Marble Mirroring finish is  a choice of architects and homeowners alike!  No two floors are identical even if the same colors is chosen.

What is Marble Epoxy Mirroring? Simply put, it's an epoxy translucent veining that resembles or exceeds the look of marble and without the high cost!